50 years of Hajj-Umrah travels – Impressions from the 2019 Hajj

The first group of pilgrims visited Medina, where they visited the famous Baqi cemetery among many other historical sites. In the evenings, our pilgrims gathered for the Rawdha-Sohbets in the Prophet’s Mosque. Here, close to the Prophet (PBUH) they experienced a deep spiritual atmosphere.

This year, a number of enriching and uplifting events were again held in the Irshad tents. IGMG chairman Kemal Ergün, Ali Erbas, chairman of the Diyanet and representatives of the Saudi-Arabian Ministery of Hajj met with our pilgrims at the Meccan Irshad tent. The poet Dursun Ali Erzincanli and the theologian and author Ömer Döngenoglu were also guests at the nightly Irshad events.

Tahir Köksoy, chairman of the IGMG Hajj-Umrah & travels department, Muhammad Bejavi, deputy minister of Hajj as well as other representatives of IGMG departments evaluated our services.

Politicians and representatives of the Hajj Organizations attended our Bayram celebrations in Mecca.

Our female pilgrims were taken care of by member of the IGMG Women’s Organization. The 44 women welcomed the pilgrims with roses at the local hotels, visited them in their rooms, organized daily lectures, spiritual gatherings, special events, and Hijab programmes. Additionally, they offered Qur’an courses and Q&A sessions.

The IGMG’s Arafah March Group 2019 were seen off with prayers and welcomed again at Arafah with a recitation of the Talbiyah.
Each year, the Arafah March Group climbs Mount Arafah.