Hajj registration conditions

    • We strongly recommend to attend a Hajj seminar in advance to get to know fellow pilgrims and learn about the sacred cities of Mecca and Medina. Preparatory seminars are offered by the regional associations
    • The following documents must be made available to IGMG Hadsch Umra Travels or the relevant branch of the regional associations prior to June 1st 2021:
    • Medical certificate of the pilgrim’s health (free from mental health issues, chronical illnesses or contagious diseases)
    • Disabled pilgrims or those in need of a wheelchair must obtain a special permit from the travel organizer (male wheelchair users are accompaniedby a male accompanying person; female wheelchair user are accompanied by females).
    • A deposit of £ 1500 must be made simultaneously with the registration. The remaining amount has to be paid until June 1st 2020 at the latest intothe respective bank account.
      • We strongly advise all pilgrims to conclude an international health insurance prior to the journey.

    02. The registration form is available at the head office, the regional association’s offices and all regional branches. Please complete the registration form, read and sign the reverse side.

    03. Passport requirements:
    • valid for at least one year from date of departure
    • residence permit valid for at least one year after return
    • Please copy important pages of your passport before handing it in for visaapplication
    • Note to turkish citizens: The blue passport will not be accepted.

    04. Two passport photographs
    05. Vaccination certificates with proof of vaccination against meningococcal A and C (vaccine Nimenrix or Menveo A+C 135, stamped and signed by your doctor) 05. Medical certificate of health (free from mental health issues, chronical

    illnesses, or contagious diseases). Pilgrims depending on a wheelchair need a special permit of the travel organizer
    06. All documents must be made available as original to IGMG Hadsch Umra Reisen GmbH at least 6 Week prior to the departure date.
    07. Pilgrims flying with Turkish Airlines can combine their hajj with a stay in

    Turkey for an additional charge of 100 £ (ticket stays valid for six months).

    08. If you choose this option, please state it clearly on your registration form.

    09. The total price has to be paid prior to departure. The registration fee is £ 1500. Please note that your registration will not be handled if you fail to pay the registration fee. Please state your regstration number as a reason for payment.

    10. The above-mentioned terms are also specified in writing on your registration form.


    Our services:

    • round trip-tickets
    • visa and other costs included
    • payable by cheque
    • accomodation costs included
    • transfer from the airport to the hotel and between cities (Jeddah, Mecca, and Medina) • one guide per group (45 people)
    • additional female guides for groups lager than 90 people
    • full board in Mecca and Medina (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
    • trips in luxury coaches
    • standard medications available at our health centre
    • additional trips and visitis

    • Fatwa service
    • sacrificial animals
    • IT service
    • religious sessions
    • safekeeping of personal items
    • privision of special clothing and utensils • Hajj brochure and prayer book
    • copy of “The Secrets of the Hajj”
    • Evrad prayer book and Hajj-CD
    • Zamzam water (10 litres)
    • umbrella
    • Ihrâm cloths for men

For more information about Hajj and Umrah please visit our offices.