2019’s December Umrah

Young pilgrims embark on the sacred journey


A versatile programme and many in-depth Irshad-sessions: The predominantly young pilgrims from different countries could expect much from their journey to Islam’s holiest sites with IGMG Hajj-Umrah travels last December.

  Abdullah Yıldırım, İlknur Küçük

On December 21st, pilgrim groups embarked on their journey to visit the holiest sites of Islam. 2019’s last Umrah was organized by IGMG Hajj-Umrah travels. In addition to their worship in Mecca, the predominantly adolescent participants completed an ambitious travel programme, which included Irshad-sessions and a trip to Medina, where they visited the Prophet’s Mosque, the Mountain of Uhud, the Quba-Mosque, the Ambariyya-Mosque, the date orchards and the historic station built during the Ottoman reign over the region.

Tahir Koksöy, chairman of the IGMG department of Hajj, Umrah & travels spoke to Camia Magazine about the spiritually enriching experience for the international group with participants coming from countries as far as Australia. According to Koksöy, the “Night of reflection” on New Year’s Eve, organized by the IGMG’s head office, resonated particularly well with the young pilgrims. The chairman praised the professional attitude, in which on-site activities such as lectures, the Junior-Umra-Group, presentations, and simulcasts were managed by the group leaders, staff members and voluntary helpers. For the first time, students of theology from the German city of Mainz were given the opportunity to complete a traineeship during the Umrah. Speaking about services, Koksöy told Camia that they were constantly monitored and improved. “We are available to our guests 24/7. It is our goal to meet the needs of all our participants, regardless of their age, and thereby please Allah, Most High”, Koksöy said. “IGMG’s fifty years of experience in organizing Hajj and Umrah travels has once again paid off.”