01. Reduced prices only apply to adolescents, pupils, and students under the age of 25.

02. Standard rooms house 4 to 5 people.

03. All travel options include breakfast and dinner.
04. Applicants must register at least 3 Week prior to deprature (if there are enough places left).
05. Upon registration, a deposit of £ 500 (432 Pound Sterling) must be made to the account of … before the application will be processed.

06. Participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent.
07. Application can be made at an IGMG Hadsch Umra GmbH agency.
08. If six weeks prior to the envisaged date of departure at least 30 people have registered, the Umrah will take place. 08. Visa requirements (effective from the day of departure)

• biometric passport valid for at least one year, valid residence permit
• at least two empty pages for visa entries
• passport photograph
• certificates of meningocccal vaccination: Nimerix or Menovo A+C 135 (vaccine lasts for 3 years)

09. Included services: round trip ticket, hotel accomodation in Mecca and Medina, transfer from the arrival airport to the hotel and between cities, visit of holy sites in Mecca and Medina, religious sessions, guided tours.

10. Provided utensils for the Umrah: headscarf, bag, companion, ID-card, bag for sandals, prayer rug.

11. If pilgrims choose to fly with Turkish Airlines they may combine the Umrah with a stay in Turkey for an additional charge of £ 100.

12. For children from age 3-10 daycare will be provided (given the sufficient number of participants).

13. For Pilgrims flying from Istanbul a discount of £ 300 to the total price is granted. Pilgrims departing from other Turkish cities receive adiscount of £ 250.

14. Prices for children:

• 0-2 years: £ 300

• 2-11 years: £ 1050
15. members receive a discount of £ 25 (does not apply to special prices)
16. Additional visa fees of £ 120 Charged by the Saudi-Arabian Ministry of Hajj are included in our prices.